Monday, August 27, 2007

The sorrows of being self aware

I find it very hard to come to terms with death, as I am sure most people are. The same end for us all. I will not know what to say when my daughter asks about death, I will never be ready for death, and I will always want to experience more, to learn more. My daughter's self awareness is so awe inspiring, yet so tragic knowing that one day it will be gone. Should I try to leave a mark on the world, or should I just experience everything I can, and provide opportunities for experience to my daughter? I have never been one with much moral fiber, just a wanderer trying to understand what little I can. Wouldn't it be grand to study every intricacy of the human body and it's consciousness and then move on past ourselves to the universe. The most I can hope for is to pass on what little I know. It seems that everything we as humans do with intent is a fight against death. I can't get my head around how some people try to make life harder for others when everyone has such little time. This post sounds depressing, but really it is more of just a general sadness at the inevitable, no one talks about death that much, it would be great if it was a more open subject.

"Listen you'll hear it,
We're getting near it,
I know i really fear it,
But we pretend it another day"