Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kid Trick of The Day - Know When to Trust the Guides

I've been worried lately that my daughter is not learning colors, numbers, etc..at the rate that she is supposed to. I can tell her a color of an object, she repeats it, then I ask her the color again right away...and says a completely different one! Argh! I was getting so frustrated about this that I forgot to look up the "normal" ages or milestones this occurs at. The point is, I would have saved myself a lot of frustration, and my daughter excessive color learning sessions if I would have just gotten a general guideline! As you may tell, I am not a huge fan of those books that tell you what is normal or not, without even telling you the standard deviation for these findings. The point is, it is good to have approximate values on hand in case you go on a developmental rampage (also applies to stool appearance, sleep positions, and strange behaviours) :)