Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mail disaster!

Wow...trying to catch up on all the old email from this site will be no easy task. I've really let things get out of hand!! New resolution: find a better system for managing mail.

On the other hand, got me some great deals on books through compare-books.com, so i am feeling pretty up about that. Haven't had new recreational reading material in a LONG time.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Just found a great price comparison site

Went out into the ether there for a while, no updates, no contacts. Needless to say its been a very busy year. Grad school is well under way, and in fact, almost done. Still poor, and still scrounging around for money :) I will start off this year with an effort to catalogue my ways of saving money, until my education is done, and I will bring these saving techniques into the non academic world. First off, book comparisons, since I still am in college and still need books. There are quite a few, but Compare Books is a recent one that I have found to be simple and easy to use, without a lot of the extra fluff that some sites give you. In addition, it searches prices in real time, vs sites that catalogue prices and return results that may be weeks old. Sure the search is slower, but at least I am most probably getting the lowest price around. Book prices are something that can change by the hour, so this is quite handy. Happy new years everyone!