Sunday, August 5, 2007

Quirky Discipline Rules That Work

A handy, and very useful, list of rules. From surprisingly: Quirky discipline rules that work. Give it a read!

Story Highlights

  • Clarity, enforceability make quirky parenting rules work
  • Successful rules usually give kids some measure of control
  • Parents have to be consistent for any rule to work
My favorites are:

"I don't work past 8 p.m.

Goal: Regular bedtimes and time off for you

You can't just announce a rule to your husband and kids that says, "Bedtime has to go really smoothly so I can get a break at the end of the day." It won't happen. But if you flip the problem and make a rule about you instead of telling everyone what they have to do, it all falls neatly -- and miraculously -- into place...."

"I can't understand you when you speak like that

Goal: Stopping whining, screaming, general rudeness

This one requires almost religious consistency of application to work effectively. But, essentially, you simply proclaim incomprehension when your child orders (rather than asks) you to do something, whines, or otherwise speaks to you in a way you don't like. Whispering this helps..."