Saturday, August 4, 2007

Kid Trick of the Day

This may be old news to some, but a sticker chart can be a great learning tool. Neither my husband or myself had one growing up, so we were skeptical at first, but once our daughter (2 years, for reference) saw the basic concept, she is eager to do the tasks required for a sticker. Here's how it works:

1. Set guidelines for your child

For example, at the moment our daughter gets a sticker whenever she cleans up after she is finished playing or when she willingly goes to the potty when she needs to use the bathroom. She doesn't pull down her pants yet, but she would not even be on the potty if it were not for the sticker chart!
2. Agree on what constitutes a sticker
Our daughter only gets stickers when she cleans up completely. She tried to put a few things away at first and would follow us around saying "mommy, sticker, daddy, sticker, mommy, sticker, daddy, sticker..." and so on ad infinitum. We were consistent however and now she proudly shows us that she has cleaned up.
3. Give a reward after a set number of stickers
We just use a piece of construction paper, and when it is filled from left to right she gets a reward. This can be as simple as a baking project with mommy or daddy, or sometimes she gets to pick out something from the Salvation Army, or sometimes she can pick out a movie to rent/buy, or sometimes...well you get the picture!

Thats the basic outline!


Hayley said...

We used to use a sticker chart. it worked great until my son got too old.