Sunday, September 9, 2007

Indian food is not fun for the whole family

In an effort to boost my blog posts from such a scant week, I will relate a story that has to do with Indian food, a skeptical 2 1/2 year old, and a disgruntled wife. There is a new Indian restaurant in town that has some pretty interesting looking meals. Great I thought, a change from the countless Mexican establishments throughout town! I convinced my wife to try it with me.

Beans of all sorts, pureed vegetables, curry, flat bread, and rice pudding graced our sight upon entering. What's not to like! "Mmmm easily digestible said I", *blank stare* said wife. The meal was progressing nicely enough, not too many complaints, until we decided to try the rice pudding. I was the first to taste, and I thought it was pretty good. So I told my wife this. She grabs a spoon as I ready a taste for my daughter. As my wife spoons some rice pudding into her mouth, I do the same for my daughter. Within seconds both of them are literally gagging, with accompanying retching sounds, and no these are not the fake ones that children make when they exaggerate how bad their peas taste. My daughter's pudding goes onto the floor, my wife's onto her plate. I'm looking at the owner who just passed by and stopped short at the spectacle.

Feeling somewhat embarrassed and generally bad for putting my family through eating something they obviously did not like, I was preparing to pay and leave. The owner then came out with a pureed mango frozen desert for my daughter. I guess he did not want us to leave on a bad note. The drink was delicious, my daughter spit it out, my wife would not try it, and I was left feeling uncomfortable for the rest of the evening.