Monday, July 30, 2007

Egotistical parents

Cibophobia...The fear of food. But what do you call the fear or disgust against food, when it is on a baby, another kids baby at that? That is the question that I have been pondering since I went to order more Baby Faces books from Amazon. Apparently there are some who shrivel in absolute disgust at the sight of food on other kids.

First, for reference, a representative photo from the book Baby Faces Board Book Eat (Baby Faces):

This is the cover image and it is a good representative of the rest of the images in this book. Now I can attest to the fact that a child will often look like this after feeding himself at this young age. I do not find anything remotely offensive about these images.

Now, let's here what other people have to say that have reviewed this book:

" I ordered four Baby Faces books from eBay and was really excited about getting them. However, I'm relisting them immediately due to huge disappointment. My husband couldn't even look at the book the pictures are so disgusting. This book isn't about babies eating. This book is about babies with smeared food all over their faces which was clearly done intentionally by the photographers. I don't know about you, but I don't really think it's cute when a baby that isn't mine has unknown food smeared all over them. Yuck. It's cute when it's your own baby, but this book is just gross. My son threw every one of them down and wouldn't look at them. Another thing is the babies are not cute whatsoever. There are a couple, but you figure they would try to actually find pretty babies. Apparently not. It's bad enough I have to see smashed peas in their mouths without adding their lack of appeal on top of it. Sorry, but this book is just THAT GROSS. "

Not only is the book disgusting but the babies are not pretty enough! No appeal from these kids! I have heard of adoring your own kid, but this takes it to the next level folks.

"The previous reviewer had it right on. You would think that they couldn't make pictures of a baby revolting, but this book succeeds in doing just that! Very unappealing photography as well: the color in the photos is very muddy and cheaply done. And the pictures themselves are just disgusting! My 11 month old daughter, who usually delights in looking at other babies, had no interest in this book. This one should be taken off of the market! "

I will be the first to say that my daughter absolutely loved these books, and admittidly there are a couple of good reviews present also. I would in fact recommend this book, and others like it. It is just the fact that there are some, who have children, could be so disgusted by these books. This is something that I would like more opinions on because it absolutely baffles me. I am not condemning anyones opinions by any means, but isn't making a mess part of growing up and learning?